Monday, May 28, 2012

Rough Week + Mexican Jackie Chan and Large Spiders

Holar familiars y amigos,

            So as I write this letter I’m copying like 10 church movies that my district leader gave me from his memory to mine so I can watch them in my free time because MY COMPANION IS STILL SICK....

This has been the hardest week of my mission. Straight up. I thought about lying and saying it’s all great and just complaining to my parents in private but the people need to know the truth! Ya, boy hasn’t had the best week.

I think it’s safe to say I’ve spent more time in our apartment than outside since I arrived in Mexico... But it’s all good, as for the sickness you already know.  I just read a bunch of Liahona magazines..

Now let’s find the exciting stuff. We did teach a few lessons and Guillermo and Yadira finally are making more progress. If you remember I put them on date for baptism for this past Saturday but that didn’t happen but they are actually gonna get married on the 8th of June and then Yadira is gonna get baptized on the 9th. Guillermo still isn’t sure but that usually how it goes around here. We’re confident he’ll follow her example later. But we still had success this week! Even with a sick comp the Lord is blessing us. Finally all the paperwork came in for another couple that Elder Hernandez had been teaching for awhile. They are the ones who lost their son a couple weeks ago. But their paperwork got worked out and I paid for my first wedding here in Mexico! (I guess missionaries do that a lot because the investigators don’t have any money) So they got married and they were so happy and then we baptized them on Sunday. They are named Ezequiel and Guadalupe. I baptized Ezequiel and that was tiiiiighhtt. Afterwards they bore their testimonies and mentioned how they felt like new people and Ezequiel said he would be at church every Sunday for the rest of his life. COOL RIGHT? So yeah even though the majority of this week was rough there was still good. The most important thing is that 2 more of God’s children accepted the full gospel of Jesus Christ. Sooo chill. (sarcasm using chill)

So other exciting news this week is  that my little bros turned 11. SHOUT OUT TO THE BIG HOMIIES. Hope you guys had a great one.. I also went on an exchange with our district leader Elder Buenfil and he is just Mexican Jackie Chan.

The scariest part of this week was when we came home from a lesson with Guillermo and Yadira and there was a spider THE SIZE OF MY FACE on my bed. Any one who knows me knows I’m a little girl, so I screamed and (almost) cried and yeah... then Elder Hernandez laughed at me and killed it with a broom. FREAK I HATE SPIDERS....

So yeah.. Tough week but that’s life ya know? Hoping we can get to some serious work this week and find more people so after we baptize all the people we’re teaching now we’ll be able to keep the party rolling. Been thinking a lot about baptism this week and really just comes down to John 3:5 in the Bible. Except a man be born of water and the Spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God.. That’s why we focus so much on baptism. We’re opening that gate to others because we truly believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only Church with the authority to do that.. So yeah its super important.

Just want to take this opportunity to put my wonderful sister on blast for never writing me.. Its cool I only cry all day because of it. Love ya!
Anyways, hope everybody at home is loving life and I'm positive this coming week is gonna be better!
Elder Jarman

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