Monday, May 14, 2012

blackouts and rivers of rain and a baptism and God has a plan.

Hola mostly friends but the family too.

I say that because I skyped the fam yesterday and they already got this sweet weekly update, so shout out to all the homies who still remember that I exist! Hope people read this still, and still follow me on twitter....

Alright business time. This week was.... HARD. So let's start the story at last saturday the 5th.. We ate tacos off the street. Best thing I've eaten in my life right? But it gave my companion salmonella. 10 points to the white boy for being the one who avoided the parasite. Anyways, hes been bedridden basically the whole last week. And then in the middle of the week I got sick but mine was a throat infection. I'm better now and so is he for the most part so hopefully we can get a lot done this week. The reason all that is hard is because there is nothing worse than sitting around a house all day. I studied a bunch and slept some a played a little chess on my sweet chessboard that I bought at Tajín, but overall it was just a bleak week. But cool stuff still happened because freak its Mexico.

So Mother's Day here goes hard. All you mommies who are reading this, move to mexico because they throw mad fiestas for the mamas. Mothers Day here is the tenth though. They were having this huge loud party that night in the centro and the whole town was there and we were at home getting ready for sleepy time and then the power went out in the whole town. Literally the entire town. So then they just got even louder screaming and yelling stuff I dont understand completely yet. Thanks to the homies at Sunburst Shutters I do understand when they cuss though. And they do it alot. I guess its not offensive. Like it is still a cuss word but the children and the moms and grandmas and everybody do it and no one ever is offended. 
So back to power outage thing, that happened like 3 more times during the week for hours at a time and then the most intense rain and thunderstorm I've ever seen happened on Saturday. I was running in the street with water up past my ankles. Hahaha so fun. But yeah so we had a sweet baptism this week. His name is Samuel and he's 13 and he is the son of a family that Elder Hernandez baptized right before I got here. But the cool part is his dad recieved the priesthood before and was the one to baptize him. We had the baptism just immediately after church so the whole branch was there and it was really great.

The real reason this week was hard though was because on Friday, when Elder Hernandez was supposed to be resting, we went out to Cruz Blanca and the same family whose son got baptized Sunday had a tragedy. Their oldest son and his girlfriend (they are getting married this week and baptized this weekend) had a baby boy. I think he was like 7 or 8 months, but he died on Thursday night.... We went out to Cruz Blanca and spent the whole day helping them with the funeral and food and stuff with the rest of the branch members.. It's the first time I've ever seen a dead baby.. It was really sad, but it was not as sad as it could have been. The family still smiled occasionally and the mother and father of the baby are doing okay. Why? Because Elder Hernandez found them and taught them all before this happens, and they know about their Father in Heaven's plan for all of us. They have the comfort of knowing their son is safe and happy and that they will see him again for sure. I am so grateful for our Father in Heaven's plan for us and that I can be a missionary and share that message with the people here.

Were getting healthier, we're stoked for this week to work hard and find families, and we're about to go play some volley with some of our cuates. I actually got some pics to load this time so I hope you like them. I love you guys! Talk to ya next week.

Elder Jarman

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