Monday, May 21, 2012

Sick Companion and Arts and Crafts

Hola Familia y Amigos,
First things first shout out to the homies who had their farewells this week!! You guys are gonna kill it! Second of all, shout out to Coronado for finally winning state. 4th try in a row is the charm right? I only say that for baby B-Dau. He probably doesn’t even read this. Somebody tell him to read this hahah...
Anyways this week was not exciting so this will probably be pretty short. So remember how Elder Hernandez was better? Yeah I guess Salmonella gives false signs of being better and then it gets worse. We left the house like 2 times this week. But I appreciated the opportunity to pimp out my study space. I have like 40 pictures of Jesus smiling down on me while I study now. I cut them out of the 100 Liahona magazines we have here hahah. I also laminated my Preach My Gospel and my planner with a sweet pic of the fam on the back and a pic of Jesus on the front. Priorities?? 
So the one shining light in this week is Guillermo and Yadira. They are a couple who have been investigating with missionaries since November but have never really committed, but things have changed with Elder Hernandez and I. They’ve been coming to church and started praying as a family and they are reading the Book of Mormon and they are so great. They have a little son named Latin and he is the freakin homie! He always says adios amigo when we leave. Freakin G. So while Elder Hernandez was too sick to leave his bed on Thursday I went on a split with a priest in our ward. Joaquin. Dude is so cool. He lived in the states for a while and knows a little English and helps me out where I lack. So I was thrown out into open water without my companion and had to freakin teach these people. We talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon and I asked how the family prayer was helping their family and they said they can feel the peace it brings. Then I was just like alright we’re having a baptismal service on the 26th will you prepare yourselves to be baptized (which includes them getting married which they didn’t want to do) and they said YES! I can tell Guillermo still has doubts but we're just gonna have faith and work on that this week so they can be baptized. We should have 4 baptisms this weekend if things go as planned. Just gotta get 2 couples married and yeah es todo.
So yeah. Sick companion, arts and crafts, lots of studying and reading and with some serious faith we’ll be dressing in white this weekend! Hope we get to work our butts off this weekend. Running out of time here. Promise next week's letter will be more exciting! Love you all!
Elder Jarman

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