Thursday, February 16, 2012

Robot Dinosaur Invasion

Jessica told me to put a more exciting header to this email so there you go.
Hola Familia y Amigos!
I´m tempted to write this whole email in Spanish because quite frankly I feel like I am capable of it, but it would probably take me too long. But seriously the Spanish is progressing immensely. Mi companeros y yo hablamos solo en Espanol por 3 dias. Que chido no? Anyways I love Spanish, I still love my district (even though it's just the three of us) and I still love my zone as well. We are continuing to hear horror stories of missionaries not recieving their Mexican visas and having to get reassigned to... DUN DUN DUN... Idaho. Straight up I don't think I could handle that much adversity in my life (chiste). But hopefully our visas come and all is well and we don't end up serving in Elder Ashton's home ward like Elder Packard currently is hahaha. Yesterday we got two new districts of Advanced Spanish Elders in our zone and our floor. And for those of you who were at BYU with me and know Jared Montiel, you'll love this because a certain Elder Montiel is now my neighbor hahah. Great great guy. Those of you who sent packages, thank you so much! Valentine's day was so romantic here. Boy pics! Shoutout to Anne Capener for the sweet Valentine's package! I think I may have made a mistake by asking people to send me toys because now I have more than I know what to do with and there really isn't a ton of time to just mess around here. Next to none. But that's how it's supposed to be. We gotta work hard if we're gonna learn the things we need to know in order to help people feel of Christ's eternal love right!? It seriously doesn't even feel like work. The spirit of the Lord is present always and that makes even the most tedious task totally not suck.
P-days are so special because we get to go to the temple. The temple is such a wonderful place and it is so much better because we are doing more missionary work by helping others make the covenants they need. We also get to be freed from this prison! (it really is a great prison though) On Sundays we get to cruise up to the temple and just hang out on the grounds and take pictures and breath that fresh air as well. We love any chance to be free haha.
When I first got here I think I thought more about the idea of completing my mission in 2 years and being home than I did about the actual experience of serving, but believe me that has totally changed. I want to get the heck out of here but not because i don't like it and not because it isn't great but because I want to be in Mexico and talk to every person I see about their Savior and how they can become closer to him. Man... gives me chills.
Shoutout to Grandma Eileen for sending me a package and being such a great example of a Christlike person. Shoutout to Grandma D and Grandpa Chuck as well for serving missions and being such a great guiding influence in my life!
Our companionship/district (same thing now hah) altered our language study habits yesterday in order to study in a manner where we would be teaching each other concepts that we were individually struggling with. It was INCREDIBLE how much more productive and effective it was. We were inspired by a talk given on Tuesday by Elder Don R. Clark (of the Setenta) and a video we watched of Elder Bednar about turning outwards and serving others. I testify that when we serve others and spend time to think of others we are blessed. There is a reason that the happiest people are those who serve others as much as possible. When you think about yourself you get sad, when you think about others you get happy. That is a fact of life that no one can deny. Do yourselves a favor, make yourself happy by helping others. Even in the MTC it is tough to do this because we want to think about our own problems and struggles and think that will solve them. Pondering your own problems and challenges for eternity will not solve them. We absolutely have to put others first.
Help others find Christ. Talk about your faith and how it makes you happy. Everyone needs Christ in their life, they just might not know it yet.
I count my blessing all day every day and the more service I get the opportunity to do the happier I am. So please please just make yourselves happy and serve!
Mother Theresa quote time!
"I see the face of my Savior Jesus Christ in every other person that I see."
Would you serve Jesus Christ? Do you serve Jesus Christ? If you're serving others then the answer to that is duuhhhhhh.
Mosiah 2:17 Read it, apply it, be happy! Like me!
Me encanta esta Evangelio y le amo mi Salvador Jesucristo. El murio por humanidad y hizo posible por nosotros a regresar y vivir con Dios nuestro Padre. Jesucristo vive y nos ama.
I love you all! But sorry I don't really miss you too much. being a missionary is too important for me to waste time missing people. Love ya!
Elder Jarman (Harman en Mexico)

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