Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hola Familia y Amigos
Just had another great week in the MTC! Not much is really different from week to week so it's tough for me to think of stuff to write about, but I promise a lot is going on. I just sit down at this computer and the timer is going and my mind goes blank. But I realized this week that I haven't really given anyone an idea of what our schedule is like in here so I'm gonna do that, even though it's a few weeks late
6:30 am wake up, get ready, all that
7:00 personal study in the classroom
7:40 breakfast
8:10 more studying
9:00 class for 3 hours
Noon: lunch
1:00 Gym
3:00-5:00 language study
5:00 dinner
6:00 3 more hours of class
then planning and in bed by 10:30
That's a pretty standard schedule and it varies day to day but we essentially accomplish all of that every day. We end up spending about 10 hours a day in some kind of classroom studying. But we love it. Nothing better than learning how to help people find Christ. During Gym Elder Neff and I continue to throw down mucho.. I might be jumping the highest right now since senior year volley. Anyways, we get devotionals from General Authorities every Sunday night and Tuesday night, and today is preparation day where we go to the temple and write home and do laundry.
Anyways, thats the MTC life, I do love learning but I am very excited to get to the field.
The thing with the visas to Mexico is that essentially nobody is getting them and everyone ahead of us is getting reassigned state side for a little bit, so in the next couple weeks I could recieve a reassignment to Tennessee, Michigan, Idaho, or other various places. hopefully not Idaho. Straight up I don't think I could handle that much challenge in life. (kidding, mostly)
As for Spanish, things are plugging along pretty well. Puedo hablar en Espanol casi todo el tiempo y mas o menos puedo decir cualquier cosa necesito. Me encanta Espanol y mi latino amigos. Padre, por freakin favor no correje mi Espanol. Cuando yo regreso, voy a hablar mejor Espanol de tu. Entonces.....
That wasn't too difficult to type surprisingly. I'm starting to think about half the time in Spanish and half the time in English. There is no way I could have progressed as far as I have without the Lord's help. Thank you so much to all those praying for me. There are countless times during the day where I start to feel down and then out of nowhere a feeling just lifts me up and motivates me and I know that is the prayers of those at home. Being a missionary is the best. Seriously. To all my buddies out there who are prepping (shout out to CHASE LEAVITT for his call to London btw, I'm jealous haha) to serve or who are thinking about whether to or not, DO IT. It is the right decision for everyone. Even if you're not sure on your testimony (I sure wasn't) just do yourself a favor and take a leap of faith. You will be blessed, your family will be blessed, and most importantly you will hlep bless the lives of others. Look at everything you have been blessed with in your life. What if someone else could have those blessings too. You owe it to them to get out here. You'll figure yourself out along the way but SERVE A MISSION. I saw Elder Joseph Kelsey walking by me the other day in the MTC. He's 22 years old I believe, and he is out here serving. It's never too late. Ever.
Anyways, that's my rant. But seriously this work is so exciting that you gotta do it. It makes me tear up thinking about all of you preparing. We're a freakin army united in Christ going out to spread a message of hope and love and repentance. SO SIIIIICCCKKKKK.
I'm trying really hard not to lose my personality out here. Believe me I'm far more reverent and I know the time and place, but I still throw down mad Arrested Development quotes and I will still do the DARREN SHARPER MOST HARDEST HITTIN SAFETY IN THA LEAGUE on command.. So yeah, I'm still me. Just with better goals and a better sense of purpose.
If anybody is looking for some great reading material go read Alma 36. I'm sure many of you have read it a ton of times but just pay attention to his repentance process. Alma was further back on that road than any of us will ever be. He was literally fighting against Christ and those who lived his teachings. And he repented. Christ's atonement makes infinite second chances possible. We just need to accept him and try. Try try try and he will fill in the gaps. I know that is true. I testify that Jesus is our Savior and without him we are nothing, but through him we can accomplish anything. I testify that Christ has a church on this earth today that teaches the fulness of his gospel to man, and that is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know there is a God and that he loves us, I know that there are second third fourth and infinite chances for everyone. I love you all and I love my Savior Jesus Christ.
Love always,
Elder Jarman

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