Monday, April 23, 2012

Last Letter from the States

Hola Familia and Amigos for the last time from the United States for 21 months..
Speaking of that, isn't it crazy that I've been out three months?? Time really does fly by. In a way. The days drag sometimes but the weeks go by so fast. Time flies when you're serving the Lord!
I had plans to send some pics home today but this P day has been super disorganized and nutty so I forgot my camera. I bought broccoli at the grocery store today... Not sure what made me do that but hey mom's gotta be proud. At Deseret Book today (buying EFY CD's hahah) I met a lady named Renee something and she knows Derek Hodson. She told me to give him a hug when I get home so in 21 months. Hodson is getting a hug... (she didn't hug me though, I can't hug women even if they're old)
So this week was pretty crazy! I forgot in my last letter to say we had a baptism on the 14th. Sweet little girl who is 10 years old and named Danica. We were supposed to have another baptism on the 21st but the kid who was supposed to get baptized's dad came home from Germany (army dude) and wrecked everything. I just wanted to punch him in the eye and tell him that he was halting his son's eternal progression, but I didn't do it... We have a baptism this weekend though for a woman named Heather. She is so excited to have her sins washed away and have a fresh start. She's a nice lady.
This week Elder Kulu and I got into an argument and let me tell you it is a bad idea to get in a spat with a Tongan. Nothing got violent but he didn't speak to me for 2 days. Literally no words.. It was crazy hahah. But we worked it out and we're cool now and we're gonna "Do it big until I wiggle" (his words) translation: We're gonna have a great time until I leave for Mexico. Kulu has taught me some great hood phrases. Oh and turns out he read all the Twilight books in prison....
I got a bunch of letters today which was awesome and I'm gonna respond to all those after we email, but now that I'll be in Mexico I should be able to email people who aren't family. I hope so at least. If you're gonna mail anything put a Virgin Mary sticker on it so it doesn't get jacked. I'll post an address in a couple weeks when I'm in Mexico.
So we've been teaching this guy named Mario and he is the first person I've really connected with on my mission. he is totally ready to be baptized, we are just waiting on approval from the first presidency because he is on parole. But he read the whole Book of Mormon in prison and he knows the Church is true and he just quit smoking and he is set!! I love that dude. Everybody pray that he will be approved for baptism because he is so ready and he deserves to start fresh in his life.
So my dad sent me the Bonanza Volley updates. You guys are undefeated in conference?!! I'm so proud of all you guys. Keep doing the unexpected and get a back to back state championship. It is absolutely possible. Shout out to all the boys from the State Champ team who are reading this. I still think about it and it gets me so pumped!
I also hear that BYU won our first playoff game this past weekend. If any of you guys are reading this keep it up!! Do I get to be considered a national champ if I'm on the mission? My name IS on the roster.....
Anyways, this should be the last time I write from the United States. I'm stoked/nervous/sad/happy to be leaving! Whatever the Lord has in store I know it is for my good.
STOP: Spiritual thought time.
So this week I've been studying a lot about the Doctrine of Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, enduring to the end) Mosiah 26:30
I LOVE the Book of Mormon because of how beautifully it supports the Bible and teaches the doctrine of Christ. I was studying about repentance and I came across a new favorite scripture. Mosiah 26:30. It says "Yea, and as often as my people repent will I forgive them their trespasses against me." How BEAUTIFUL is that. I know its simple but think about it. EVERY TIME we mess up, God is just waiting to forgive us, we just need to ask. As humans, we all make countless mistakes daily. As well, we often realize it and forsake them and we're cruising along doing good for awhile but then we mess up and make the same mistake again and we think "Oh no, i promised God I wouldn't do this again but I did... there's no way he'll forgive me now.. I better go hide in the corner." But that is NOT TRUE. He will forgive us EVERY TIME for the same thing over and over and over for eternity. We just need to be truly repentant, we need to truly desire to change and because of Christ's grace we will change. And when we fall God will forgive us again. Freakin beautiful. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect. It truly will guide us to eternal life. My challenge to all of you is to read 2 Nephi Chapter 31 in the Book of Mormon and ponder on the opportunities that we have because of our Savior. Lets show our appreciation by just trying our freakin best huh??
I love you all and when I am down I continually feel unseen support that I know comes from your prayers. Next week I'll be partying with the cartel and eating fresh mangoes and spreading the good word in Spanish hahah!!
mucho amor (copying Brock hahah)
Elder Jarman

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