Monday, April 16, 2012

Fortune Tellers and Born Agains and Visas, Oh My!

Holler familiars y amigarz

I'm starting to go a little insane today. We don't have a car so we had to wait for our district leader to pick us up to go run errands today and I got cabin fever sitting in the apartment all morning.

Might as well blow the suspense now: MY VISA IS HERE. On Friday I went up to the consulado in downtown and signed for it. I fly to Mexico on the 30th. Also saw my passport for the first time in forever and i forgot about how thug/homeless/flowlicious my picture is. I miss the mullet and tank top days hahahah

Speaking of hair, Elder Kulu shaved my head to a 2 length this morning and I look like a skinhead missionary.

Let's see... what else happened this week..

Our days are pretty nice. We teach a few lessons each day and we have 3 people on date for baptisms. We had a 4th but I'll tell you about that in a little. Elder Kulu is cool (cooloo hahaha) but he is NOT a morning person. Not sure if I mentioned this in the last letter but he won't speak before 9 am and he rarely speaks during the rest of the day. For everyone reading this who knows me, you know that is a huge challenge for me. I love talking all the time and its really hard just having to quietly think to myself all day while we walk. But it's all good. They say the Lord works out our character flaws on our missions and maybe I talk too much and he's trying to teach me to shut up sometimes hahah.

So I went on an exchange with Elder Harvey who is a Spanish speaking Elder in our district on Wednesday and I learned something terrifying about Spanish.. I can't actually understand much of it when native speakers are talking. Freaked me out pretty good hahah. Guess Mexico will be tough for a little bit. The nice thing is I can say basically anything that I need to. Also while on that exchange this Born Again lady tried to convert us to her religion and tried to get us to watch some anti videos. Pretty interesting experience.

The rest of the week is kind of a blur and I'm not sure what days things happened but we're teaching this guy named Mario who is a super awesome guy who wants to be baptized but he's on parole and we have to get permission from the first presidency. We had him on date for the 28th but it looks like it's gonna take longer than that. I am pretty sad about it because he's the first person I've taught on my mission who I feel close to.. I know that sounds horrible but serving as a reassigned missionary has its own set of challenges. Everybody is cool and nice but they kind of see me as a temp or a substitute teacher. Members and investigators included. So I have yet to feel grounded on my mission. I kind of always feel like things are up in the air. But I am learning a lot and having a lot of fulfilling experiences. The best part of being a missionary is testifying and feeling the Spirit confirm your words in your own heart. I find myself teaching and testifying about things that a few months ago I had no clue about, but as I tell someone what I know is true, my testimony grows. So tell people about the gospel everybody. You will find a greater love and appreciation for what you have as you share it. I promise.

Spiritual experience for this week. Mario, the same investigator who is the homie but still can't get baptized, asked us for a blessing because he had a cold. I got to give him the blessing and the next day he was feeling a lot better. He said while I was giving him the blessing that he was praying for God to show him that this was the right path for him by healing him through that blessing. He told us that the next day as he had made the recovery from his nasty cold. It was a great spiritual experience. Mario is just such a great guy. I'm bummed I won't get to see him be baptized, but I know when the time comes that he is able, he will.

Also this week the mom of one of our other investigators, Alex, who will also be baptized after I leave, totally did some witchcraft fortune teller stuff on me hahah. She is a less active member and is really nice but she has like a gift for reading people. Won't go into detail but it was crazy and actually spiritual and she's got like other worldy powers.

I think that's everything from this week. It was pretty eventful. I'm excited to go to Mexico but also getting kind of tired of bouncing around. Can't wait to get to Mexico and feel grounded and settled and really able to dive in. I'm doing the best I can though and I do like it here a lot.

Oh yeah Taylor and a car full of her friends drove by the other day and she just yelled "I found you!" like she'd been out looking for me. Super weird hahaha

Anyways I love you all and I am glad everything is going well at home. If I'm correct finals should be coming up right? And I know the team has playoffs coming up so good luck to any of you guys who are reading this. I want to get an email in Mexico about a National Championship hahah.

Hope I didn't forget anything, if I did, you guys wouldn't know anyways!

Paz y Gozo

Elder Jarman

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