Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ultima Semana

Gotta start this letter off with a big fat PSYCHE. It's not my last week in the MTC, although it was supposed to be.. more to follow hahah
Anyways Hola Familia y Amigos!!
So this week has been pretty great. Lots of great things happening, although at this point the general feel is that the MTC has served its purpose and we are ready/nervous/excited for the mission field. But sadly we still haven't heard a thing about whats going to happen. At this point its not even that we're waiting on visas, they have'nt even told us if, when, or where we're being assigned. There's a sign up in the travel office that says not to ask. So for now we're kind of in limbo not knowing whats going on. But its all good!!
So this week I found out my boy SHANE BROWN is going to the Phillipines Naga mission! What a champ. I'm so happy for him. As for anybody else who got calls I haven't heard about them but I know a storm of calls are coming so good luck!
The other great thing (and best thing) that happened this week was on Wednesday. We were doing new missionary hosting for the second week in a row and I knew Elder Mckay Prestwich was coming in so I was just watching for their car to roll in so I could be the one to escort him, but then I got taken away to help international missionaries. So I ended up hosting a missionary from Sweden who speaks like 5 languages, and he's here to learn Finnish, the HARDEST language to learn in the wirld. There's a saying in Finland that says the only people who can learn Finnish are babies and Mormon missionaries. haha crazy... So yeah I didn't see Mckay at hosting BUT
I did see him later in the day because he lives in my building!! He lives on the first floor. When we saw each other we sprinted and jump hugged each other. To bystanders it was pretty gay when I spun him around but whatever I ain't even mad. So yeah Mckay is here and he seems great and it was so great to see him. Other sightings, on the way back from the Temple today I ran into Braden Burley who was coming into the MTC to apply for a job. Always great to see familiar faces.
The other cool thing about yesterday is I smuggled 6 muffins and 2 bananas out of the cafeteria in my suit coat so i'm going to have a feast later... I think i'm getting island fever..
So yeah, thats the latest. Hey mom Elder Rhodes is one of my buds in here so it's cool that you are emailing his mom. He's a great Elder.
Spiritual thought for this week is one that touches really close to me, and it's about what Satan does.. I used to think that Satan simply tempted us to do bad things and make errors, but in here I have learned that perhaps what he does best is whispering doubt. As much as I love the MTC and being a missionary, there are a lot of times when I can just feel him planting doubt in my heart and making me think I'm not adequate enough to accomplish this great work. But the fact of the matter is that he is powerless. He can try, but we prevail every time because the Lord is in charge. So to anyone experiencing sadness or doubt or any negative emotions, recognize that they are not from our Heavenly Father. He wants us to be happy. So hit your knees and pray for strength and comfort and watch Satan become powerless. Do the things that uplift. Help others, read the scriptures, pray all day long, and never rely on anything except the Lord. It is obvious that Satan doesn't want others to feel the joy of this Gospel, and I am grateful to be on the front lines in the battle to kick his trash.
So yeah! GO CHURCH GO SCRIPTURES GO PRAYER and most of all GO our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. HE loves us. I know it, because I feel it.
Share the message of hope and love of Jesus Christ with everyone that you meet. Hopefully in a week or so i'll be back in the world and able to do the same.
El amor de Jesucristo es para todos. Demuestrenlo a sus vecinos, los miembros de sus familias, y todas las personas en la calle. Somos los manos de Cristo en la tierra hoy y El necesita que nosotros le ayudemos. Este Iglesia tiene todo que una persona necesita a estar feliz para siempre. Testifico esto en el nombre de mi Slavador, Jesucristo. Amen
That's it for this week. Coming to a street corner somewhere in the United States and/or Mexico very soon,
Elder Jarman

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