Thursday, March 8, 2012

Holler at ya from el CCM

Hola Familia y Amigos
No estoy seguro si ya he dicho que MTC en Espanol se llama CCM pero si no, lo he hecho ahora.
Sorry to those who can't read that, although most should be able to. I've been writing in my journal in Spanish for the last 4 weeks or so and writing and thinking in Spanish are slowly starting to take over English, yeah it's only been 8 weeks or so but it's crazy what the Spirit can do! I feel really comfortable with Spanish. BY no means am I fluent but if I had to estimate I'd say after a month in the field I'll be fluent.. That brings us to the idea of the mission field, which for me, I am still not sure where that will be. Elder Ashton and the other missionaries who are not going to Mexico recieved their travel plans but Elder Hansen and I and the others going to Mexico have not recieved nada... Hopefully we get some info tonight when we check the mail again. It would be nice to know where we'll be for the next month, few months, or whatever hahah. This past Sunday we heard an amazing talk from Alex Boye, if you don't know who he is look him up online and watch his Mormon Message. He is an incredible singer and motivational speaker as well. We were all pretty pumped. He spoke of his conversion and to hear the love in his voice for the missionaries that brought the Gospel and hope into his life made me tear up... I'm going to get to do that for somebody or hopefully multiple somebodies in Mexico.. I am excited. Nervous but excited. I have the same kind of nerves for the field as I had for the MTC, but I know after I adjust a little all will be well. But yeah.. Not much crazy has gone on. Things have gotten slightly more tense with the companionship (slightly above none haha) but I don't want to get into detail. But overall nothing major. Some change will be good however. This is my second to last P-day so those of you who want me to email you from the field, mail me some email addresses so if my Mission President allows it, I can email you. I have loved the mail and support I've recieved thus far. So dope!
I got sick of feeling like a lard so I recently started eating salad for every meal.. The MTC has the most unhealthy food in existence hahaha. But it sure is a great place.
I want to share an experience I had this week that made me recognize God's hand in my life even more. We got some new hilarious Elders who live next door to us and one of them se llama Elder Whited. He is one of the hardest working people I've ever seen and he has really put his mind to learning Spanish.. And for some reason (I don't know why) he has chosen me to be the one he talks to while trying to imrove. The kid is a champ but his Spanish is awful, but still better than mine was cuando yo llegué.. But seeing him speak and try and learn while having conversations in Spanish at the residence and by being capable of teaching him a little of what I've learned, I've really realized how far I've come. I promise you, I could not have learned Spanish without the Lord.. I know it. No one learns and absorbs this fast without help... It's just been great to have someone tangible who basically represents what I was during week one, and I can look at where I'm at and see how different I am in 8 short weeks...
Oh yeah i forgot! We did new missionary hosting yesterday and guess who I saw during drop off?! Avery Miyahera. If you're reading this holler at you girl, it was great and kinda weird to see a familiar face. But yeah that was pretty cool.
Well... I can't wait til I have exciting news to write about but as for now just know that life's good, and there are now three elders in gym who can throw down thanks to Elder Rhodes from Highland/Alpine Utah. Kid is a champ as well. MTC hoops are competitive. Neff is still trying to fix my shot with little progress..
Well before I close this thang, quiero compartir mi testimonio del mano de Dios en nuestras vidas. Dios vive. Dios nos bendice. Dios nos da la oportunidad de mejorar y crecer y ser probado por razones. Tengo fe que el puede ayudarme en cualquier cosa en mi vida. Y el pude ayudar Ustedes si Ustedes le piden en fe. Ore Ore Ore!! Oracion es comunicacion con Dios y el nos ayudara y guiara siempre. Les amo todos de Ustedes y me encanta ser misionero
Paz y Gozo!!
Elder Jarman

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