Thursday, March 22, 2012

And the reassignment is...

Salt Lake City South!
Hola Familia y Amigos,
First off I gotta talk about yesterday. Elder Neff and Robinson left in the morning and it was really hard for me. Sad to say it but basically it was hard as saying goodbye to my family. I have created friendships in here that are more like brothers than anything else. Being united in the Lord's work is a powerful thing. It was tough to see them go.. But what made it easier was right before lunch we got called to the travel office and all the Mexico waiters in our zone got their reassignments! Ya boy will be serving in the South Salt Lake Mission until I recieve my visa. Elder West is going to Texas, Elder Johsnton to Ogden, Elder Hansen to Vegas East, and Elder Williams to Independence Missourri. Pretty sweet! I'm kinda bummed that I'm not reassigned to somewhere exotic but the South Salt Lake mission is consistently one of the most productive in the whole country. Stoked to get to work. I leave the MTC today at 1:30 and then I'll officially be an in field missionary. I'm just stoked that I get to start working with real people!
A few other important things that everyone needs to know. On Sunday, Elder Robinson and I had a Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich (ON whole grain bread) eating contest. Needless to say I won #winning, but the key is that I ate 7 PB&H's... I've never physically felt like food would kill me until that day. Man... I didn't get hungry again until Wednesday. Also, I learned how to do a rubiks cube.. On Tuesday we got to hear from Elder Dallin H Oaks!! He gave an inspriing talk on how the Sacrament is what gives us the Spirit (p[ay attention to the prayer!) and without the sacrament we cannot complete missionary work. My challenge to you all is to not speak for the entire sacrament meeting, or even look at your phone. Give that hour to the Lord and spend the WHOLE time thinking of the sacrifice that the Lord made for us. We have this gift so we can repent weekly, take it seriously. I never did take it seriously enough and I regret it a ton. So start now. It's the Atonement of Jesus Christ! It's more important than tiny wings (although tiny wings goes hard). Take an opportunity this week to change for the better. That's what life's about, mejorando cada dia!
So I'm not sure what mail will be like at Salt Lake South or in Veracruz yet. Hopefully I can email people who aren't family so I can stay in contact with my buds. But if not, I'll make sure Jessica gets the address for the SLC South mission home and posts it on the internetz pronto!
9 weeks of preparation have all led up to this, and as ready as I felt a week ago, now that it's here I'm straight nervous. But I know I just gotta dive in, talk to everyone I can about the gospel (not too hard in SLC hah) and get to work!
La vida es buena. Estoy animado para salir y estoy aun mas animado para ayudar personas a venir a Cristo. Miren para en mi en las calles del SLC Sur, ensenando y bautizando todas las personas que encuentro. Holler Holler paz y Gozo
Elder Jarman (fo realz this time)

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