Monday, June 18, 2012

Ladies, don't wait for me...

Miss me?
So yeah it's been two weeks but that's because of some craziness that's been going on. Where do I start... I´ll try to remember everything that's happened.
So in Cazones two weeks ago we had a sweet talent night and I did some nice line dancing and sang Jumper by Third Eye Blind while Hernandez played guitar. Then I did a rubik's cube and everyone was pretty amazed. I got sweet videos. you can all see them in 19 months when I get back. Speaking of, I finished 5 months today. Still not sure if it's going fast or slow but it's definitely going hahahah. Also in Cazones a week and a half ago we had some craziness. As you know Ezequiel and Guadalupe got baptized 4 weeks ago on a sunday so they needed to be confirmed the following Sunday. But then they couldn't come to church because she's pregnant again and was sick. So not yesterday but last Sunday they were gonna get confirmed. Guadalupe did get confirmed but Ezequiel couldn't because we went by on that Friday before and he was running around drunk out of his mind swing a machete at dogs and then he tried to choke Hernandez... I swear we taught him the word of wisdom.. But the next day we went by and everything was tranquilo and he is working with the branch president now to fix things so he can get be baptized and confirmed.
So then last week transfers came and I'm guessing due to all the drama from going to Veracruz and all that they decided to change things. I got transferred to Tuxpan, Barrio Tenechaco and Hernandex was supposed to go to Martinez de la Torre Tezuitlan. But then last Monday he got called to Veracruz. I went with the zone leaders (why I couldn't write last week) and Elder Hernandez got sent home. Apparently some things came out about what he and his old companion did. I don't know details, but all I know is that it was incredibly sad.. I've spent this whole week feeling like I failed him in some way.. I wish I could express the way I feel on the mission better in words.. But it's a trip.. that's all I can really say..
So now I'm in Tuxpan, Tenechaco with my new companion Elder Hansen. He's from Murray, Utah and he was in the MTC the same time as me. He's got one more transfer in the mission than me. Straight up I was surprised that they'd put two young gringo greenies like us together but the mission president and the Lord know something I don´t. My comp is a super good guy and we speak spanish about the same level. Speaking of, I feel really great about my spanish.. The only people who are hard to understand are the little toothless old ladies who tell us we don't know about La Virgen de Guadalupe because we´re gringos. So yeah we´re just a couple of white boys lost in the city and it's pretty cool. We have a really strong ward here though with some great great people.
We had a baptism this weekend as well for a girl named Gaby. She was super esogido (elect)..  her heart was so open and touched by the gospel. She was baptized only 2 weeks after meeting with the missionaries the first time. I got to teach her right on the tail end and then see her be baptized. Great experience. This area hasn't had much success. Just 4 converts in the last 6 months, but all that's about to change..
If I had to describe the way I've felt these last two weeks it would be a lot of ehhh and a little bit good. But that's okay! Who says life is easy? Who says a mission is easy? It's not. But the people who receive hope and light from the gospel sure do appreciate it. My goal is to just love the people more. Love them like Christ would. I go through mad mood swings on the mission. I feel like everybody at home thinks I´m just doing so well but straight up it's a struggle. But it will be a struggle that's worth it. That's the faith that I have.
Ladies, Don´t wait for me, I got my first Mexican haircut today and I sweat all day and I smell and I'm gettin real ugly. That's the price to pay to serve others though!!
Hasta la pasta
Elder Jarman

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