Thursday, January 26, 2012

First Email

Hello Family and Friends!

I only get 30 minutes on the computer for email so if anyone wants to keep in better touch with me, hand write me. Or go to It's really easy and it's free and you just need to know my name and my mission and I'll get your message the day you send it. (Elder Price Jarman Mexico Veracruz Mission) They print them and put them in our mailbox. Then I'll write you back on Thursday. Thursday is my P-Day when I can write letters.

So far the mission is going great. I've officially made it a week and 2 days and from what I hear the first week is the worst. The transition was kind of rough and I really missed twitter for a while there but now I'm just loving every minute here. It's crazy how much the Lord blesses missionaries. I think about the people I love every day but it's like Heavenly Father has put a block on my sad emotions. So I miss you all but it isn't killing me. Which is great. My companion's name was Elder Bahr but after 2 days he got moved up to the advanced Spanish class and left me. I'm not that bitter though. My new companion's name is Elder Hansen. He is from Herriman Utah and he's basically my exact opposite but we've been getting along well. I absolutely love gym time. We get it every day. I play basketball with Elder Neff from Washington and a few other Elders. 2 days ago Elder Neff alley-ooped me and I threw it in Blake Griffin style. I didn't celebrate though because missionaries are supposed to be really humble. Speaking of, I feel like my demeanor and my priorities have changed a lot in such a short time. I love learning. I prayed so hard to find the desire to study and the Lord definitely answered my prayer because I find myself getting restless if I'm not studying Spanish, the Scriptures, or both. Learning Spanish is tough but it is insane how fast you learn when you have the Spirit helping you along. My main focus is not comparing myself to the other Elderes (and one Hermana) in my district. MY district leader is Elder Ashton. He is from a small town in Idaho and he lives on a farm. He is one of the nicest people I''ve ever met. He loves the gospel and he loves lots of hick stuff. His companion is Elder Anaya from Lehi, Utah. He says the funniest things. Then we have a Sister missionary (hermana) named Hermana Lazalde. She is from Orem and she keeps us all on our best behavior. We love her... Like a sister. I love my district and I love learning how to teach. On the second day they had us start teaching a mock investigator about the church. IN SPANISH. It was rough but we had a few more appointments with him and challenged him to baptism and he accepted. I think the MTC is trying to get us stoked by giving us an easy investigator. The investigator might be fake but they never break character and the Spirit we feel as we share the Gospel is very real. My roommates whine every day because I get more mail than them so keep it up. I love it. If you are a girl and are reading this, write me and send a picture so I can make them more jealous. They all have girlfriends and I'm the lone single guy so show me some love. I have such a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and his love for us. I know he loves us enough to give us prophets to guide us and direct us in the present day. I know that by being baptized and following his commandments we can return to live with him forever. I am on this mission to bring others unto Christ and help them find for themselves that he loves them. The church is true. Here is a quote that one of my fellow missionaries shared that I loved:

''We leave our families for 2 years so others can be with theirs for eternity."


Here's a joke I learned in Spanish. If you know Spanish and you know missionaries you'll think it's funny:

Que es la diferencia entre un perro y una novia? Un perro es perro, pero una novia no espera.

Haha how great.

Well everybody, the Church is true. I know that. I am happy and I know that this will be a great 2 years. I love you all. Ladies, send me letters. And a picture. No nudity!


Elder Jarman

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